SHAPLANET is a game where you have to "defend" a planet from asteroids in order to re-shape it!
The shape you need to create is indicated in red, Fire missile to destroy asteroids or place shields to defend a zone or let the asteroid destroy the part of the planet you don't want (the green and brown parts)

Bug reports : Twitter @chradr

LEFT/RIGHT = move around
UP = Shoot
DOWN = Place shield

On the menu screen you can choose the shape of the planet you want (right under the difficulty buttons)

At the game start you can have up to 3 shields placed on screen at a time, the each have 3 lives (can be hit 3 times before disappearing)
When you destroy an asteroid (or the asteroid is destroyed on a shield) you gain 1 point
The number of available shields is = 3 + points / 10
The life of newly created shields is = 3 + points / 7

Depending on the difficulty you choose you need to keep a certain percentage of the red blocks alive (i.e. number of red blocks not destroyed / number of red blocks at start of game)
You also need to obtain a certain ratio of : (Number of red blocks alive) / (Number of blocks alive)

For information, the actual ratios are:
%red blocks alive = 75
ratio = 75

%red blocks alive = 85
ratio = 90

%red blocks alive = 90
ratio = 95